What is M M V Series?

One way Healing Hands & Happy Heart gives back to society is to help people flourish through wise actions. In my trials and tribulations, there are a few tools that I implemented to get to my happy place. The series (collection of lessons) is the basis of my renewed life and My Money Vault (MMV).

My Money Vault Series is a place where you learn to organize 8 key areas of your life for mental clarity and peace of mind. The course offers daily visualization techniques, budget planning, debt analysis reporting, home decluttering, time management, and food planning all in one place.

Students will learn how to create their custom money plan, food menu & budget, debt elimination plan, declutter their homes, organize their thoughts, their day, and determine their life purpose.


400,000 children every year are placed in foster care. And more than 110,000 children are waiting to be adopted.

Let's crush this statistic. Lack of self love and compassionate care are at the root of these startling numbers. We plan to create freedom homes and programs for forgotten babies and children.

What we do?

We cultivate a rich and well-rounded living experience for highly stereotyped individuals by creating beautiful surroundings, interactions, programs, and events that rejuvenate the spirit of the individual and thus unify all children of divinity.

The organization offers a safe space for underserved communities where we use our healing hands, minds, and spirits to take massive action and provide results that foster a collective happy heart, God’s heart.

"We distribute 80% of course sales to support Non-profit Initiatives."

- Healing Hands & Happy Heart

8 LESSONS for Clarity & Peace of Mind



What We Offer?

Learning new ideas and techniques is a way of life and the key to excelling in new avenues and diverse ways of living.

Students will learn how to create a custom money plan, food menu & budget, debt elimination plan, declutter their homes, organize their thoughts, organize their day, and determine their life purpose. 

Why It's Essential?

One should invest in this course to receive a simply and direct way to achieve tangible results according to what makes happy, flourish and thrive.

What You Receive?

My Money Vault Series is a self-improvement course that includes Order Thy Steps: Organize your Life in 8 Key Areas and an arsenal of worksheets and tools to organize the essential tasks that you perform to keep your prosperous lifestyle stable and afloat.

Customize Your
Ideal Money Plan

Series 04 helps you truly allocate your funds in expense accounts to help the user grasps the cost of bills and expenses. A percentage is used to ensure user is within an adequate spending range.

Food Budgets & Menus

Series 05 helps you home in on costs and ingredients that are essential to keeping a well stocked pantry for healthy eating. We also give suggestions to abate cravings.

Kiss Debt Goodbye

Series 06 helps the user determine the need for liabilities and when to use them to acquire an asset.

Who we are?

We are a foundation of everyday people, single parents, caretakers, Good Samaritans, over achievers and do-gooders who desire to make giving back a nationwide phenomenon. We are our values and express it in the vision we have for the world. We value these 8 principles.